Information for people affected by civil claims

You received a declaration to cease and desist and aren’t sure whether you should or shouldn’t sign it? Or did you even receive a notice letting you know that a civil law suit against you is in the works?

In these cases, please notify the Antirepression group in the Rhineland Area (AntiRRR), the Climate Antirepression Team (CAT) (if concerning Ende Gelaende 2016 in Lusatia), or the Rote Hilfe (”Red Help”). These groups will then provide advice on what to do next!

We as the campaign ”UNTENLASSEN” (”leave it in the ground”) do not intend to build up another antirepression structure working on very similar topics, but want to share our legal research with the groups already in existence and will provide you as the people affected with financial support. You might also directly be refered to us for advice, as some of us already had to deal with a civil law suit.

Civil law suits pose quite a challenge to antirepression structures: they can be much more expensive than criminal law suits and have a different set of legal ”rules”. For example, the burden of proof lies with the accused, which makes it impossible to refuse to give any evidence.

To this point, our political structures (still) have very limited knowledge of civil law. That’s why it is so important to stand together, share the knowledge and financial means we gather – the repression that individual people have to face becomes more bearable when you don’t have to go through it on your own.