Leave the coal in the ground
– instead of undermining our protest

Support climate activists in court

RWE and other corporations remain unpunished for mining coal and destroying the climate. At the same time, we are being criminalised for minor infringements during legitimate protest.

About 100 people who participated in actions of protest like “Ende Gelände” have been asked to sign a declaration to cease and desist (example). That represents a legally binding promise to RWE to refrain from any future protest on their property. People who do not sign it can expect to be taken to court. The costs for a potential civil law suit alone vary between 2,000 and 10,000 Euros – or more, depending on how many appeal levels we want to go through. Experience shows that most cases usually end with the accused being forced to accept the claims. We intend to take at least one case as far as the Federal Constitutional Court (which would cost about 32,000 Euros).

RWE is destroying unique forests and historical villages to be able to mine lignite. Their power plants account for more than 10 percent of the German CO₂ emissions. According to German climate politics, this is supposed to continue until the middle of the century.

Being taken to court contradicts our sense of justice: considering scientific facts, coal mining is wrong. And resistance against coal mining is not only legitimate but crucial for the next generation.

To prevent climate change from becoming totally uncontrollable, we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground – at best immediately.

RWE wants to silence our protest – we will not let that happen!

Therefore we need your support.