Redeker, Sellner, Dahs

Redeker, Sellner, Dahs is one of the biggest law firms in Germany. Their clients include the German federal parliament, several of the German federal lands, politicians and big companies.

Here are some examples:

This law firm appears for Vattenfall in the case of their constitutional complaint against the new law on nuclear power and demands compensation for skirted profits.

It appeared for the city of Hamburg and the federal land Saxonia, when environmental organisations complained against construction projects.

Last year a transparency-organisation brought to trial the German federal parliament, in order to investigate lobbyists who have regular access. The Bundestag payed Redeker 100.000 Euros for their representation (and lost the case).

Redeker, Sellner, Dahs also appeared for colonel Georg Klein, responsible for the killing of around 100 people by an air strike in Kundus, Afghanistan, and for the former German state president Christian Wulff in a case of bribery.

The chemical group Dow Chemical Germany has Redeker, Sellner, Dahs appear for them in a lawsuit concerning the construction of a new coal-fired power plant worth more than 1.6 billion euros in Stade (near Hamburg).

For some time, RWE engages the law firm to set climate-activists under pressure by taking steps of repression based on civil law.